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Bard Peak Circumnavigation
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On Saturday April 16th, 2005 Yvonne & I drove south to Whittier, a small down that is accessible only via a 3 mile tunnel. The town sits just above Prince William Sound and, although the town itself is ugly - the area is magnificent. We parked just parked just outside the town, ski toured up and over Portage Pass; around Portage Lake, then up the Burns Glacier - then down the Whittier glacier. It was a 12 mile traverse in a very remote wild area where few people seldom go. For the most part it was a mellow tour on a rare calm warm day (it's usually raining, snowing or blowing in that region). All was smooth although we had some excitement getting off the glacier.

  •  Heading up Portage Pass
  •  How to Ascend Steep Snow (1)
  •  How to Ascend Steep Snow (1I)
  •  Bard Peak
  •  Portage Pass
  •  Locking down the Heels
  •  Faceplant
  •  Portage Glacier
  •  Waterfall coming off of Bard Glacier
  •  Portage Glacier and Portage Lake
  •  Portage Glacier and Portage Lake
  •  Burns Glacier
  •  Approaching the Burns Glacier
  •  Approaching the Burns Glacier
  •  Glacier Arch
  •  Yvonne and the Arch
  •  Going up the Burns Glacier
  •  Mime Act
  •  Upper Burns
  •  Ascending the Burns / Whittier Glacier
  •  Cresting the top of the Whittier glacier.
  •  Peaks near Whittier
  •  Heading down
  •  Heading down
  •  Yvonne's Superb Skiing
  •  Mountains Near Whittier


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Bard Peak
Description: Map of the classic Bard and Whittier glacier trip.

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