Pharaoh Messner: 1997 - 2007
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I have lost my best friend and climbing partner. Pharaoh has been with me since May 1997; he came into our lives a squirming ball of fur and grew up by my side accompanying me across the country and back; always in front of me pushing his way through deep snow, scrambling up steep rock and ready for more than I could ever give him.

Pharaoh as a puppy in the Talkeetna Mtns. Sometime in the summer of 1997. This is probably my favorite photo of him.

He passed on Saturday, May 5th at 2:30, with his head arched back, his legs kicking - stubborn as always and not unlike the position he usually took when I had to drag him away from a potential dog fight or rotting salmon. He was not in pain; he just wanted one last sniff in this world.

He was a great dog because his entire life he had been surrounded by good people who played with him, yelled at him and watched over him from time to time.

Thanks to all our great friends and family for being a part of Pharaoh's, and our, life.

  •  Pharaoh as a Puppy
  •  Hurdy Gurdy
  •  Debo
  •  Otter Creek West Virginia
  •  Snowbird Glacier
  •  Snowbird Glacier
  •  Snowbird
  •  Lost Lake
  •  Pharaoh on Eddies
  •  W. Face of Ptarmigan
  •  Flattop
  •  Peak 3
  •  Peak 3.
  •  Peak 3 with freinds
  •  Peak 3
  •  Hatcher Pass
  •  A Dog's Big Day
  •  Peak 4
  •  Peak 4
  •  E. Tainana
  •  Summit of Penguin
  •  Dead King
  •  Pharaoh's Fish
  •  Summit of Williwa
  •  Swan Lakes
  •  Swan Lakes
  •  Swan Lakes
  •  Scary Fly
  •  Ranger Attack
  •  Heading out
  •  Pharaoh
  •  Blacktail Roacks
  •  JC, Gordon and Pharaoh
  •  JC and Pharaoh
  •  John's Family
  •  Everyone!
  •  Pharaoh Checking out a Dead Shark!
  •  Wedding Shot
  •  Pharaoh & the Stockings
  •  Jan 3rd Snow!
  •  Pharaoh's Concern About Global Warming
  •  Greybeard
  •  4/22/07

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