Glacier Creek
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Todd & I packrafted Glacier Creek down in Girdwood last night. We floated from the hand tram to pretty much the front porch of Chair 5 (got out, crossed the street and ordered pizza!). River levels are pretty high right now and the section through the canyon was quite fast and fun! I took a swim shortly after putting in, but the river is mostly knee to waist deep so I was able to get to shore fairly easily.

The put in requires a down-climb through alders and devil's club - but someone has left a rope tied to a tree to aid in the down-climb (which i imagine would be sketchy if it was raining) so it's not too bad. (Hike down river from the hand tram and you'll see it.) Incidentally I was told (later) that if you cross via the hand-tram it is easier to get to down. The canyon is free of sweepers and after the canyon there are a few but they are pretty easy to paddle around.

  •  Glacier Creek Put-in
  •  Todd down-climbing to the put in.
  •  Blowing up the rafts.
  •  Opening rapid!
  •  Todd drops in.
  •  Re-rigging the raft after taking a swim!
  •  Trying to get warm.
  •  Me looking very concerned!
  •  Floating down the braids to the take out.

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