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Bard Peak
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On Saturday, July 21st, Yvonne, Dan Boccia and I climbed the North Ridge of Bard Peak. We drove to Whittier, hiked up Whittier Creek where we forded it near the campground. We then chose a tiny stream that is about 300' downstream from the main fork of Whittier Creek. We picked our way up the stream, wading through it and jumping back and forth across the creek for about 10 minutes until we reached a clearing. We were then able to move left and ascend meadows for around 300' till we reached a series of rocks that border the creek. In total we only bush whacked for maybe 15 minutes!

We then picked up way up hill piecing together the rocks and within an hour we were at the toe of Whittier glacier. We stopped for a snack and then hiked up the glacier staying to the far right side to avoid crevasses. An hour later we reached the scree / snow slopes that head up to the col between Bard Peak and Shakespeare Shoulder.

We scrambled up the slopes only to find that our view began to give away as clouds moved in and enveloped us in a thick mist for the rest of the day.

The north ridge is a fun hike. It's very casual and from the base of the col it only took us 45 minutes to reach the summit. Once on the top we relaxed in the mist hoping for a view. It never came though so we soon turned and hiked back down in a thick surreal fog.

Round trip the hike took us a little less than 6 hours complete with almost an hour of lounging around on the summit. If you ever find yourself in Whittier on a sunny day it makes for a beautiful hike!

  •  Dan heading up the Creek
  •  Hiking up the rocks above the creek.
  •  Moss
  •  Looking down at Whittier
  •  Whittier Glacier
  •  Heading up to Whittier Glacier
  •  Lunch Break
  •  Heading up Whittier Glacier
  •  Break at the base of the col.
  •  Wild Rock Formations
  •  Yvonne on the Upper Ridge
  •  Traversing the ridge.
  •  Folded rock on the north ridge.
  •  Lounging near the summit.
  •  Yvonne nearing the top.
  •  Dan nearing the top.
  •  Last steps to the top of Bard Peak.
  •  Bard Peak summit register.
  •  Q: Who the heck leaves a buisness card in the summit register?
  •  Yvonne headed down.
  •  Yvonne on the North Ridge.
  •  Goat hair.
  •  Yvonne and Dan on the north ridge.
  •  Heading down Whittier Glacier.
  •  Heading down Whittier Glacier.
  •  Dan feeling the moss.
  •  Whittier Passage
  •  Bushwhack!
  •  Out of the trees!

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