Portage Creek
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On Sunday Yvonne and I floated Portage Creek from the Lake to the Seward Highway. The run is about 6 miles and quite mellow. I took my Alpacka Dory and Yvonne took her Yak. Right after the put in there are some mellow rapids - easy enough in a regular packraft by the oars in my dory kept hitting the rocky bottom so I had to change to a kayak paddle to accommodate my poor rowing skills.

After the initial rapids the float was quite mellow. There are a few sweepers but most as easily avoided with the exception of one halfway down which is right on a tight corner. However the river is very low at this point so if you're worried all you have to do is stand up and move your boat 10 feet to the left to avoid it.

We floated down to the slough and then pulled out our fishing rods but the Silvers were not in.

It was a beautiful day and it was great to float by the peaks that we climbed this past season and look up instead of down.

This is a great lazy afternoon or after work float. If you want more information, Todd Kelsey has an excellent description on the American Whitewater page.

  •  Yvonne in Portage Creek near the put-in
  •  Portage Creek downstream from the put-in
  •  Portage Creek around mile 2.
  •  Portage Creek around Mile 3.
  •  Portage Creek Mile 4 - Explorer Glacier in the background.
  •  Yvonne on Portage Creek
  •  Explorer Glacier and the couloir we skied!
  •  Portage Creek around Mile 5.
  •  Nearing the take out.
  •  Portage Creek near mile 6 and the take out.

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