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The dreary days of November, December, January and February have ended.   While many of my friends embrace the cold deep powder of Alaskan winters, I never seem to totally enjoy the days where we are slogging through deep powder to ski the same runs again and again up and down.  Thus when the sun finally comes out and avalanche conditions improve, I seem to wake up from hibernation and start beating myself into shape. 

Suddenly old clients who ask for jobs that will force me to work on the weekends  are no longer even considered (whereas I'll happily work every weekend from October - January) and new clients who need something done right away are pushed off to other developers.  From now through July I pledge to only work a 9-5 job!

With all that in mind, on March 7th I headed down to Turnagain with Dan, Bryce and Todd.   The sun was shining brightly and avalanche conditions pretty solid, so we headed up Magnum and skied 4 runs in PMS bowl.  We were able to ski off the nose twice for some 40 degree turns on the infamous "glazed donut crust".  I hucked off the cornice a couple times... only to eat it pretty hard each time.  (I must learn to learn forward.)

In short - a beautiful day with good friends in good snow.  And a wake up call to end my winter hibernation!

Pictures after the jump.

  •  Dan headed up PMS bowl.
  •  Todd and Dan half way up PMS bowl.
  •  Bryce nearing the ridge.
  •  Bryce drops off the cornice.
  •  Todd dropping down the lower slopes.
  •  Me skiing the lower slopes.
  •  Headed up Magnum's W. Ridge
  •  The Magnum Cornice!
  •  Dan drops in.
  •  Todd powers inbetween the rock bands.
  •  Me dropping the cornice!
  •  Dan ends the day on the road run.

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