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Peak 4 - Spring on Hillside
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High pressure and fresh snow makes the front range quite inviting so Yvonne and I opted to stay near town for the weekend and go ski in Rabbit Valley for a day.

On Saturday, March 14th we slept in, ate a lazy breakfast and then headed up Rabbit Valley for a morning ski. We reached the parking lot in a total fog bank and then skied up valley in zero visibility. Prospects did not look good, but we continued on - luckily finding a skin track that lead up towards Peak 4 - at least that's what we thought!

We continued on - at times being able to see all of 100 feet - then it began to get brighter... and brighter... until suddenly we popped above the clouds into beautiful March sunshine.

We booted up to the ridge, looked down at Anchorage and the cloud bank - and then dropped into a beautiful bowl of hard pack snow dusted with 4 inches of low density powder with clouds below our feet.

4 hours (and 2000') after leaving the front door we were back home and soaking in the hot tub!

  •  Prospects did not look good...
  •  Zero viz on Peak 4.
  •  Popping above the clouds.
  •  Headed up Peak 4.
  •  Yvonne nearing the ridge.
  •  Yvonne nears the top of the run.
  •  Yvonne must always go higher...
  •  Kicking up to the top!
  •  Getting ready to drop in.
  •  Headed down into the clouds!
  •  Dropping down Peak 4.

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