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Elliot Peak
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Mt. Elliot, located on the ridge east of Wolverine, is one of the few peaks in the front range I hadn't hiked up yet.  So when Yvonne managed to drag me away from fishing for a day we headed out for a nice afternoon jaunt. We brought Ranger and his buddy Lucy (Eric and Julie's dog).

We hiked up and over the ball field, stopping a couple times to talk to friends who were out enjoying the day, and then dropped down past Black Lake to the shores of Williwaw Lake.  We then tromped up a southern gully to the ridge, turned right and scrambled to the summit.    The summit is the farthest bump East of Wolverine which makes it out of the way for a pretty insignificant peak unless you're running out of fresh peaks to climb.

The view of Long Lake from the summit is pretty cool.  If you're looking for a fun ridge walk, continue west along the ridge to Wolverine and then drop down the normal Wolverines trail to Prospect.  

Take your dog and lots of water! 

  •  Funhog
  •  Descending towards Black Lake.
  •  Ranger Posing
  •  The locals.
  •  Ranger & Lucy
  •  Long Lake
  •  Yvonne & Ranger approaching the summit.
  •  Ranger & Lucy check out the summit.
  •  Ranger on a hot day.
  •  Ranger

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