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Chulitna River - in Fall & Spring
Trip Date: 05/29/10 - 05/31/10   Posted in Alaska Range & Boating

Images from two floats down the Chulitna River - Fall 2008 and Spring 2010. 

Fall of birch turning yellow and salmon turning red.  Of dry suits and high water, friends relaxing around a fire after a summer of travel and stories told of travels to far lands and adventure


At the put-in - Fall 2008

At the put-in Spring 2010

Birch turning - Upper River Fall 2008

Lingering snow - Upper River Spring 2010


Fall of mountains free of snow and old dogs past their prime sleeping on an open raft.   Bears afraid of the long winter roaming sand bars in search of fish.  Clear September skies breathing their last gasp of warmth.

Fall of Spawning Salmon

Spring of fish yet to return

Fall of old gray dogs

Spring of rambunctious puppy

Spring of streams swollen from snow melt. Shorts and t-shirts replace fleece and winter coats.  Friends sipping coffee in the morning sun enjoying a brief rest before summer is upon us and we’re gone again.  Mountains choked with snow and memories of recent visits.  Newborn children and rambunctious puppy replacing old dogs past their primes.  Clear May skies stirring dull roots with spring rain (*Alaska is a month behind). 

Fall shadows

Spring sunshine

Fall Canyons

Spring Canyons

Fall Canyons

Spring Canyons

Fall of heavy fleece and fire

Spring of shorts and sun

Fall of yellow and crisp mornings.

Spring crisp mornings that feel hot.



The floats years apart with changes that impact lives forever… but we could drift the same river every year for the rest of our lives and the mountains and canyons would stay the same.  The perspective gives you pause during the long months of winter or the short burst of summer - if you take time to stop and think of what has been and what will be.

Fall: Todd, Ranger, Lauren, Yvonne

Spring: Ella, Todd, Lauren, Ruby

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