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McHugh Ridge Walk
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The first storm came on Tuesday; a foot of low-density powder with only a hint of wind. The snow was to make the skiing very enjoyable, but it was also enough to cancel the week of skiing that I had planned with Todd. We enjoyed the resort and enjoyed an after work run on Peak 4 - but then the Mega Storm rolled in on Thursday. The Mega Storm rocked Anchorage. Constant 40-60mph winds howled at our house for almost 12 hours. Gusts to 80mph ripped through Glen Alps. The trees around out house swayed and popped, but luckily never fell. Power flickered and then went out and the house stayed cold and dark for much of the day.

Tales of slides from Hatcher to Turnagain to Eagle River kept popping up so when the weekend rolled around we decided to take it really easy.

A latest start, a 10 minute commute to Rabbit Valley and then a 4 mile ski out to the base the base of Ptarmigan. Across Rabbit Creek, up a slope to gain McHugh's long East Ridge. Then a traverse of the East Ridge to the East Summit. Fun turns off the top of the East Summit and then a 2 mile run that drops 2000' all the way down the long North West bowl to Rabbit Creek. Some early season bush whacking to prepare us for summer and then back to the Rabbit Valley trail and home at a reasonable hour.

A good day and a wonderful green light loop that's around 8ish miles and 3000' - the perfect spring tour for an unstable day. If you're looking for a fun mellow half day tour check it out.

  •  April Pow in Anchorage.
  •  Todd enroute to McHugh's E Ridge.  S Suicide looms above.
  •  N Suicide looms above Todd.
  •  Ptarmigan couloirs.  The tight steep shot off the W Summit looks spicy.
  •  On McHugh's E Ridge.
  •  On McHugh's E Ridge.
  •  McHugh's E Ridge - with the Suicides in the bkg.
  •  Koven dog.
  •  McHugh's E Ridge - with the Suicides in the bkg.
  •  The cool gate-like formation that's on the E Ridge.
  •  The cool gate-like formation that's on the E Ridge.
  •  High contrast with N Suicide floating in the bkg.
  •  Sun and powder.
  •  Ridge from Rainbow to S Suicide.
  •  Ella dog.
  •  April pow!
  •  The fun mellow NW bowl.
  •  Spring is for sketchy snow bridges.
  •  Real Chugach skiers can do the alder bash without whining.

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