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Ptarmigan Peak
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Another absolutely stellar day in South Central Alaska so I wrapped up work by late afternoon and headed out into Rabbit Valley for the evening. Not quite sure why I've been drawn to this valley so much this year. Since March I've climbed every peak in the valley and as well hiked up Flattop 2 dozen times (not to mention the nights spent skiing Peak 3 back in April). However - until Thursday I hadn't been up Ptarmigan this year so Koven and I headed out for another view of Rabbit Lake.

A perfect night and perfect views so Koven and I sat around on top looking across the valley and inlet at peaks that allowed us a brief visit.

I'm fond of this photo because it shows 6 peaks we managed to climb this year: Carpathian, Kickstep, Bench, North Suicide, Indianhouse and South Suicide. Plus Isthmus and Aplenglow, objects of much desire, loom tall.

We wandered around taking photos, I threw some snowballs for Koven (who is psyched that snow has returned to our peaks), revisited the memorial and then headed back down into town.

My wife actually accused me of choosing a black dog because he looks good in high contrast photos. Could this be true?

The blueberries are starting to show up and any day the tundra will start turning red.

It was a good summer.

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