REGION: Vermont

ACTIVITY: Trekking


Mt. Philo
Trip Date: 12/31/11 - 01/31/12   Posted in Vermont & Trekking

After three months of doing absolutely nothing outside due to my ankle I finally was able to get out for a good (albeit short) hike on a recent trip to Vermont.

Mt. Philo is a little mountain (elevation 968') in Charlotte, Vermont (20 minutes south of Burlington). There is a well maintained trail that takes someone with a wobbly ankle about 30 minutes to hike the 1 mile and 500' to the summit. From a rocky perch just below the summit there are great views to the west looking over Lake Champlain Valley and the Adirondack Range across the lake in New York.

A very much welcomed return to the mountains and hopes that 2012 will bring me a totally heel healed talus before all the wonderful powder that everyone is raving about is blown away.

Not much snow in Vermont this winter.

Lake Champlain sunset.

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