REGION: Chugach Range

ACTIVITY: Ice Climbing


3 Ring Circus
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Layers, rain, renovations, life changes and work have kept me from getting out too much but the light is finally starting to return and with it my motivation for longer days.  So on sunday Jake and I headed out to climb 3 Ring Circus.  The ice was in terrible shape (mongo dinner plates with every swing) but temps in the mid-20s and light until 5pm made for a good long day.  We climbed 800' in 5 pitches and then bailed off manky alder anchors to reach the ground just as it got dark.  A good long day and a beautiful hike out Eagle River in the dark.

And yes... I am that punter with the continually recording cam attached to head.  To quote Stephenson:

Videotape is cheap. You never know when something will be useful, so you might as well videotape it. 

Jake up pitch 1.

Anchors of mank.

Somewhere around pitch 3; Yukla in the background.

The clove hitch rocks.

I am that punter. Photo by Jake Gano.

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