REGION: Chugach Range




Ptarmigan North (not "S") Couloir. Photo by Eric Parsons.

Sunday was one of those perfect days so we played the parent switch game. Yvonne got first shift and she opted to go run up Bird Ridge in the sun. She texted me just before noon that she was on top and on her way down while I ran around town trying to buy baby proofing supplies.

She was back at 1pm and I needed to be home by 6pm. 5 hours gives you a lot of options but if you want to go with someone else you have to comply with two familes and 2 partners… but it worked out and Eric showed up at 2pm. He had spent his morning toddler session rounding up a fat bike for me and we were biking out of the Glen Alps parking lot a little after 2:30.

Photo by Eric Parsons.

Photo by Eric Parsons.

Hookers looking anemic.

30 minutes on fat bikes to the base of Ptarmigan. Then to the top of the North Coulor and back down in just under 2 hours followed by another 30 minute bike ride back to the car. Plus or minus some time for transitions and summit gawking and we came in right at our allotted 3.5 hour timeframe and much to the amazement of my wife I arrived home only 5 minutes late for our 6pm dinner engagement.

Photo by Eric Parsons.

I carried my bro-pro and put together a movie. The music is rather heavy for two reasons: (1) Doing stuff with Eric generally means I spend the entire day popping chocolate covered espresso beans in order to keep up, and (2) Eric showed up bouncing off the walls and blasting Sepultura. I can't quite handle Sepultura but am rather fond of Ghost Power after discovering them via that great avalanche piece put together by Stevens Pass Pro Patrol.

A great day. Thanks to my wife for giving me 4 hours to play, random skiers / climbers for the boot pack and Dave Bass for the loaner fat bike. Biking to and fro the base of Ptarmigan is way funner than skiing - get it before Thursday when the weather window shuts down.

Photo by Eric Parsons.

Photo by Eric Parsons.


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