Photos from a visit to Boston Basin in North Cascades National Park with ascents of Forbidden, Sahale and an attempt of Torment.   ( Read more... )

These photos are from two trips a year apart, however given the proximity of the peaks I feel it makes sense to present both peaks together. Yvonne and I climbed Organ in July 2016 (on our 10th wedding anniversary!) and I climbed Synthesizer with Todd Kelsey in July 2017.   ( Read more... )

The Watchman - North Ridge
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The Watchman is one of those peaks that hides in plain sight. Even though the peak is 6410', its proximity of other large peaks causes it to be easily overlooked. From afar it looks like little more than a sub-peak of Benign, even through technically it's a peak (as in there is 500' of prominence separating the summit from the actual summit of Benign), and lies over a mile from the true summit of Benign. That said, with neighbors like Benign, Bellicose, Bashful and the Mitre it's easy to understand why it's often overlooked.    ( Read more... )

Mt. Shuksan (Sulphide Glacier) & Mt. Baker (North Ridge)
Trip Date: 06/03/16 - 06/07/16   Posted in Washington & Mountaineering   

Photos from a week of climbing in the North Cascades with ascent of the Sulphide Glacier on Mt. Shuksan and the North Ridge of Mt. Baker.   ( Read more... )

Triplemint - Southwest Face
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Jake on the SW Face of Triplemint.

Jake on the SE Face of Montana.

Photos for an August ascent of Triplemint Peak in the Talkeetna Mountains. Also some some photos and notes from Montana Peak.   ( Read more... )

Vertigo Peak (NW Face) & Mt. Soggy (SW Ridge)
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Eric high on the SW ridge of Mount Soggy.

Photos from ascents of Vertigo Peak and Mount Soggy.   ( Read more... )

Baneful Peak
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...Anywhere else in Chugach State Park, Baneful Peak at 5,495', would be a worthy objective - but when dwarfed by 6,000', 7,000' and 8,000' peaks like Bashful, Baleful and The Mitre, it seems trivial and hardly worth the effort. And so we halfheartedly started our scramble up the grassy tundra slopes just above treeline. However - within a couple hundred feet the ridge quickly transformed from a tundra stroll to an exposed 3rd class scramble as we gained elevation. The north side of the ridge was a 1500' cliff to our left - and the south side of the ridge was a 4000' steep slope on our right. We scrambled on - every step of the way becoming a little more intricate and interesting.    ( Read more... )

Goat Rock - West Ridge
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Notes and photos from a fun day on Goat Rock.   ( Read more... )

On the summit of Benign.

Benign Peak, at 7235', is one of the 21 7,000' summits in Chugach State Park and one of the few 7,000' summits you can do in a day.    ( Read more... )

Mount Beelzebub - Northeast Ridge
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On the summit of Beelzebub.

We got there easy enough: 7 hours to our base camp at Blue Eyed Lake through devils club, cow parsnip and fireweed that towered over the head, muddy steep alder tunnels and up and down 2000' of scree and snow to a secluded lake where we got some much needed sleep. Then up and over Inferno Pass which lies tucked into the shadow of Devils Mistress, down the West Fork of the Eklutna, curling around to a final glacier headwall full of crevasses that we kept punching though, up a steep loose rock gully that shed torso size boulders with little effort, and up steep scree until we were finally standing on a platform looking at a buttress of rock that was not going to let us easily pass.    ( Read more... )

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