Purcell Mountains
Trip Date: 07/20/01 - 07/26/01   Posted in Purcell Mountains & Rock Climbing   

After years of reading and dreaming about the Bugaboos, Brad and I decided to hike in and try a couple peaks.  The trailhead is about 4 hours away from Calgary and at the end of a 28 mile gravel and mud road.  When you reach the parking lot the first thing you notice is every car surrounded by chicken wire and rocks!  Turns out that porcupines all over the place and they have been know to crawl up under the car and chew the brake lines out. So at the parking lot there are rolls and rolls of chicken wire that you stretch around your car and anchor with rocks. 

After fortifying our truck we shouldered our packs and began the hike in.  The tail is hell!  4 miles and 2000' of elevation gain.  We climbed up ladders, cables and concrete steps poured into the rock; all with an 80lb pack full of 6 days of food, camping gear, 2 ropes and a full climbing rack! We got to our campsite in about 3 hours, set up our tents, cooked and went to sleep.   ( Read more... )