Climbing (mostly)

Alaska Alpine Club: The UAF alpine club. Not to be confused with the Alaskan Alpine Cub.

Alaskan Alpine Club: This site was put up by the legendary Doug Buchanan who influenced many a Fairbanks climber over the years. RIP Doug.

AlaskaIceClimbing.com: A promising site that has an excellent online guide for Southcentral Alaskan ice. There is also a forum that sees a flurry of activity in the winter months.

Ade Miller's Climbing Site: Hunt around on this site for pictures of Mount Augusta and Good Neighbor Peak.

Carrie Wang and Wayne Todd: Wayne and Carrie climb all the time and Wayne takes tons of photos. Browse through photo of the 50 state highpoints to Antarctica to (almost) every peak in the Western Chugach.

CascadeClimbers.com: This site is entertaining and if you can sort through the spray there is lots of information to be gleamed from many people.

Eddie Phay: Eddie Phay was a long time SCAK climber who influenced many in the community. He died in December 2015.

Ian Mcrae's Climbing tales from the Kigluaik Mountain: Photos and stories from climbing around Nome. Ian is a great writer.

Jed Brown: Awe-inspiring photos and trip reports from a Fairbanks area hard man.

John Giraldo: Pictures and stories from a promising young Anchorage based climber.

John Bradford's Old Ice Guide: John Bradford was a fixture in the Anchorage climbing community for years. He has since moved south in search of solid rock and warmer weather but his old guide remains online.

Justin Wholey: Justin and his wife get out. A lot! Lots of photos and trips in SCAK - especially peak bagging in Chugach State Park.

Katie Strong: Rock / ice climbing & skiing pictures and stories from around Anchorage.

Mountaineering Club of Alaska: The official MCA site. If you are a member and have all day to wait for the slow connection you can download an old scree issue.

Sam Johnson: Sam is a prolific climber who has forged FA's all over the world. His blog only touches on the places he's been.

Sherrie Soltis: A blog and photo essay of ice routes in Southcentral Alaska from a local hard-woman.

Skiing (mostly)

Alaska Jack: Jack Walker's blog with pix and info about skiing in and around Anchorage.

Alyeska Lift Crew: Lifties... They get you loaded. They get you high. They get you off.

Brian Harder: Long time hard-man Brian Harder now lives in Anchorage. Tons of steep ski pix and stories.

Andy Resseguie: Andy's blog is all about skiing and skiing.

Dante Petri: Dante gets out and skis and writes up a good story afterwards.

Dongshow Productions: Skiing and skiing and more skiing. And sailing.

Eddie Kessler: Hatcher Pass skiing.

Juneau BackCountry Blog: Pix from Southeast Alaska.

Joe Stock: Joe Stock is an IFMGA Mountain guide, writer and photographer. He's also a damn good skier.

Kellie Okonek: Simply put, Kellie Okonek rocks. From epic ski descents of the Messner couloir to sick face in Turnagain Pass this woman's blog will make you wish you could ski half as good as she does on her off days.

Luc Melh: Stunning photography and videography from a man who has redefined what is possible in a day, weekend or month.

Matt Johnson: More skiing.

Nick D'Alessio: Alaska's second professionally certified AMGA ski guide.

Skier Boyz: Pix and stories from a group of turns-all-year kind of guys. Areas focused on are Alaska, Idaho and Utah.

Tim Kelley's Outlook Alaska: Photos, tips, links and stories from a local XC skier. Tim Kelley also maintains the Alaska Lost Ski Areas Project website which contains a massive amount of data!

Biking / Trekking / Packrafting etc.

Amber Johnson: Spectacular photography combined with great packrafting, biking, skiing and wilderness travel.

Caroline Van Hemert & Patrick Farrell: Caroline and Patrick have climbed, skied, paddled, and explored together for more than 10 years and recently hiked 4000 miles from Bellingham to Kotzebue.

Erin & Hig's Alaska Trekking Page: Lightweight, long-distance, off-trail hiking and packrafting in Alaska. These guys are the real deal; ultra distance with no ground support and subsisting only on berries and nutella.

Eric Parsons: Blog from a crazy biking, climbing semester. Eric and I climb together now and then. Any man with an industrial sewing machine is a friend of mine.

Roman Dial: Roman Dial has been adventuring in Alaska for decades and doesn't appear to be slowing down. His blog is a wealth of information and stories and well worth following.

Trond Jensen: Trond is a long time Anchorage skier / runner / hiker / climber. His website is a wealth of trip notes and ideas. Please note that this guy moves super fast so most people will want to add 2-4 hours to his estimated times.

Toby Schwoerer: Toby's blog lots of good skiing and (heinous) packrafting photos and vids.

Will Wright's Mega-Alaska Thread on NW Hikers: An amazing collection of photos and trip ideas cataloged by a guy living in Delta Junction.


Clifford Cochran's Gallery: Pages and pages of aerial photos of Alaskan mountains.

Dan Bailey Photography: Great ebooks, photos and tips from an Anchorage based photographer.

The Alaska Range Project: Carl Battreall's site detailing his work in the Alaska Range. Carls' full site is here.

Kelsey Gray: When Kelsey isn't climbing he's travelling and taking a ton of pix and posting them to this site.


Paul Turecki: Chances are if you climb, then you've climbed a Turecki route. Turecki has put up routes from Chickaloon, Alaska to Tonsai Beach, Thailand. He guides all around the world and routinely updates his blog with photos of wild ascents and descents from exotic areas.

Ralph Tingey: Ralph has been a fixture of the National Park Service and the climbing world for decades. He has retired from the NPS but still climbs hard and loves to write about climbing and life in Alaska.


Alpacka Raft: The original Alpacka born and raised in Alaska. These things rock! Get one!

Revelate Designs: Frameless bike touring bags made by my good friend Eric Parsons. He works too much to climb anymore but you should still support his business.

Western Mountaineering: High quality down sleeping bags and coats made in the USA.

Weather & Ski Conditions

Anchorage Mesonet: Current temps around town.

Alyeska Resort Snow Report: Aly conditions.

RWIS Camera Area & Corridor Maps: Use these links to see live web cams of Turnagain and Summit. In the summer you can see how crowded the Russian River is!

Southcentral Alaska Forecast: NOAA forecast site.

CNFAIC: Turnagain and Summit avalanche forecast.

Crevasse Zone: Glacier velocity and surface elevation research on the Juneau Icefield, Alaska.

Thompson Pass Avalanche Conditions: Throughout the winter months Matt Kinney posts snow conditions.

mountain-forecast.com: Kind of gimmicky but essentially it pulls the data closest to the mountain you put it.

mountain-weather.com: The mountain weather Alaska page. Pulls the most recent weather maps for AK.

Denali Weather Forecast: NOAA seasonal forecast for Denali.