Chugach Range
Ptarmigan Peak
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Another absolutely stellar day in South Central Alaska.   ( Read more... )

Penguin Peak
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Nights like this are why we all love this place we call home.   ( Read more... )

North Suicide
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We awoke to sun on Saturday so we took a welcomed break from bathroom remodeling and headed up Rabbit Creek for a jaunt up North Suicide. Up the valley, a nice long break at Rabbit Lake so the dog could swim and then up the NW gully to the ridge. On the ridgeline we had one spot of D0 (the dog equivalent of A0) followed by a casual ridgeline to the summit. Back down with spotters for the D0 section, down the long chossy NW gully and then back to the lake for more dog swimming and home at a decent hour.   ( Read more... )

Up south Suicide with two hot dogs on a lazy afternoon and the Northwest Ridge of Indianhouse catches my eye. A day later I'm back with a rope, rack and partner for nice long ramble across gendarmes and sidewalks on a perfect Memorial Day.
[ Northwest Ridge of Indianhouse ]

Matanuska Peak
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Fun weekend outing to Frontier Peak that actually turned out to be Matanuska Peak. More text and pix after the jump.   ( Read more... )

McHugh Ridge Walk
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A latest start, a 10 minute commute to Rabbit Valley and then a 4 mile ski out to the base the base of Ptarmigan. Across Rabbit Creek, up a slope to gain McHugh's long East Ridge. Then a traverse of the East Ridge to the East Summit. Fun turns off the top of the East Summit and then a 2 mile run that drops 2000' all the way down the long North West bowl to Rabbit Creek. Some early season bush whacking to prepare us for summer and then back to the Rabbit Valley trail and home at a reasonable hour.
[ Read much much more here ]

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I worked all last weekend – so when a sunny day and an ice climbing partner presented themselves mid-week I jumped on the opportunity.  Wayne and I drove down to Portage and found an unoccupied Follies with an easy creek crossing to the base. Follies is a well known local classic that sometimes has an abysmal approach.  For the most part the ice across the creek tends to be pretty thin – and I guess lots of people have had mini-epics when falling through the ice or having the wade across in fishing waders.  We lucked out… the creek was frozen solid and we walked across and were at the base in minutes.

Wayne on the second pitch.

More pix after the jump.   ( Read more... )

Peak 3
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I go up Peak 3 all the time so I'm usually not inspired to take photos. But yesterday was a beautiful warm afternoon that felt very spring like. Skiing wasn't so great - but if you can ski Peak 3 after work in Feburary then I say the skiing is good. Come on spring! Some choice pix are below.

Todd booting towards the summit.

Ella, Koven & I on the top.

Heading down... snow was a little hardpacked. Todd was loving his newly refurbished Volkl Explosives.

Peak 4 & Peak 2
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Fresh snow and no wind meant conditions were ideal for local powder… so come late morning we headed up to Rabbit Valley and began the trek in. One run off Peak 4 and one run off Peak 2 and we were back home by 2:30pm just in time for afternoon errands.

A beautiful day with some half-way decent conditions for early February Front Range skiing. More pix after the jump.   ( Read more... )

Ram to Eklutna
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Up from Ram Valley to the ridge E of Significant.  Up Peak 5320'.  Down and up again to the bumb NW of Peeking.  Down to Peters Creek.  Up to the base of the W. Ridge of Bees Heaven for some sleep.  Up the W. Ridge of Bees Heaven then down the East ridge then up the long ridge to Thunderbird Peak.  Then down the loooonnng ridge to the spillway across Eklutna Lake.  21 miles, 12K vert.  And although Kim Gordon doesn't necessarily conjure images of pastoral Chugach ridge walks - her screams generally keep me going for hours... thus the music.

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