Flatttop – Peak 2 – Peak 3 – Peak 4

Between weather, work and planning for our July trip I did not get out much this past spring. The few times I did get out it was for a quick jaunt up something in the Frontrange… more specifically – for yet another quick hike up Flattop, Peak 2, Peak 3, Peak 4 – or all of the above. At least I made an effort to carry my big camera along the way and focus on taking pictures of our backyard. Below are some of my favorite springtime shots. Note: Sunshine may not always present.

Quetzal preforming a pre-flight wind test.

Learning to walk is hard enough without a dog in the way.

Flattop to Ptarmigan Pass; my favorite backyard hike. Don’t know what’s whiter… Ptarmigan couloir or Yvonne’s legs.

Wayne at the base of Peak 4.

A very snowy Kenai Range in mid-June.

Ptarmigan on Peak 4.

Ptarmigan nest on Ptarmigan Pass.

Junco nest on Flattop.

Same nest a week later.

Koven scores some water on a hot day.

Carrie scopes the route. Lucy cools her belly.

Lucy has perfected the art of dog glissading.