I am not a guide.  I am not an avalanche professional.  I am not a search and rescue volunteer.  I am just a climber who has been climbing and skiing for 30+ years. Most of my lessons were learned by trial and error.

Some of those errors were really bad. Before you jump on a route that I recommend, make sure you understand what you are getting into.  Before you ski a line that I recommend, understand that I have spent 20 winters making mistakes in places I write about. Take an avalanche class, find an older climber & follow him or her around for a couple seasons. Climb easy stuff until you’re solid. Ski mellow slopes for years before you step it up. Take a class.  Read a lot.

Be aware that mountain climbing in Alaska means accepting what can sometimes be ridiculous amount of risk that involves everything from grizzly bears to loose rock and serac fall. Sometimes all of those on the same day. Do not take my estimated times or my estimated ratings for granted.  Start small and figure out what you’re getting into before going big.  Have fun and push yourself.  But understand the consequences before you do.