St. Patrick’s Day Tour

Peter above the Arm

Amy above the Arm

Scott above the Arm

Peter & Amy

Sun, snow and stability continues to linger in Southcentral Alaska, so we chose a steep up-track that we normally wouldn’t touch due to exposure from above. We tromped up the steep tree covered ridge topping out on a sharp ridgeline 3000′ above the Arm. Then across the subpeak searching for powder until finally having to remove skis and downclimb 500′ of rock and tundra to a protected bowl with boot deep powder.

A short 500′ run to a sunny bowl then back up to another sub-peak and down a beautiful moderate northwest trending ridge then down 1500′ of blissful powder to the valley floor where we were so elated with the goods we decided to do it again.

Tracks down the “Shoulder of Death”

North facing shaded runs are holding excellent shin deep powder. Just about every angle on north and west aspects have been skied above 4000′. On steep terrain you can see occasional crowns but they appear to be at least 2-3 weeks old.

This has been that week in Alaska that you will remember while enduring 3-4 months of solid rain this summer. Get out before the wind blows it all away.